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Level up your self practice and teachings

Nov 15-19, 2023
Medford, NJ

Led by Marisa Incelli and João Paulo Pereira this 5-day immersion will assist you in blending your intelligence and intuition in three main areas of expertise: crafting intelligent vinyasa sequencing, cueing with imagery and embodied anatomy, and assisting in an informed and attuned way.

You Will Learn

  • Advanced sequencing

  • Creative and intuitive cueing

  • Safe and supportive assisting

  • Subtle energetics of mudra and pranayama

  • Prana oriented alignment

  • Meditation practices and integration

  • Individualizing your teachings with Ayurveda

  • Anatomy & physiology

  • Teaching methodology

Sample of daily schedule


7-9:30am       Morning sadhana


9-10:30am     Breakfast

10:30-1pm    Studies & practical

1-2:30pm       Lunch

2:30-5pm      Studies & practical

5-6pm           Evening sadhana

This schedule is subject to change according to the needs of each cohort

The Experience

This training is for current yoga teachers and yoga practitioners looking to evolve their own practice and their teaching. Both yoga teachers and seasoned practitioners with 3+ years of experience are welcome and will benefit from it. It focused on deepening your understanding in these three main areas:

Sequencing: you will refine designing experiences that are informed by the needs of your students both on a therapeutic and anatomical level. This entails understanding what progress in a sequence means for each body and how to intelligently compose asana, mudra, bandha, and pranayama that open the body and prepare the mind for the sankalpa set.

Cueing: you will journey through languaging that empowers your student’s sovereignty and cultivates powerful imagery to bring deeper embodiment. This means attuning to the mindset and patterns of those who you are guiding while tapping into your intuition and own flow state.

Assisting: you will learn touch and breath-specific guidance that opens fascia lines and anatomical structures in the body. It yields more freedom of movement and sensation, ease in moving toward peak poses, and tangible sensing of common pranic pathways.

What people are saying...

"After more than 15 years of teaching and co-teaching, I have distilled the yogic wisdom into a system that balances the discipline of practice and the lightness of play.  This is what I bring to my trainings."

- João Paulo Pereira


The BASA Method supports inclusion and believes yoga is for everyone.

Apply before inquiring about payment plans & work trade.

Our Faculty

Our faculty combines 30 years of experience in Yoga, Thai bodywork and Ayurveda from which to draw on, merging João’s background in varied Hatha and Tantra yogic lineages with Marisa’s solid Ashtanga and Vinyasa foundation to offer a broader conversation on the practice of asana and pranayama not restricted or assigned to a specific tradition. They have each also integrated the wisdom of multiple complementary practices, including breath work, kriyas, meditation styles, martial arts, qi gong, Budokon yoga, dance and somatic movement, Thai and Tibetan bodywork, aquatic therapies and acroyoga. Those have also informed the rich teaching styles they each bring to this advanced training.

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