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Living Waters
aka Aguahara Group Facilitator Training
April 17-26, 2024


This Aquatic Experience Facilitation Training
takes place near
Woodside, California

Unceded territory of the Ohlone, Ramaytush, and Muwekma tribes

This unique training is designed to instill a deep connection and unwavering confidence in your relationship with the water, allowing you to unlock the power of somatic expertise and embark on a journey of personal growth.

As a group of somatic practitioners and group facilitators we will create an “aquatic residence” where we interweave our unique skills and talents, honing in our skills to hold space for groups in aquatic settings and discover and expand the magic of this work. 

Living Waters is beyond an aquatic experience; it's an opportunity to co-create new modalities that can ''aquatize' your being and practices. Through immersive exploration and hands-on research, you'll uncover the profound healing properties of water medicine.

You Will Learn To

  • Create and facilitate inclusive aquatic experiences

  • Discover creative ways to “aquatize”  your own practices, enhancing them in aquatic spaces

  • Explore and design different ways to enter the water and connect with her

  • Accompany and facilitate group and individual aquatic processes

  • Recognize the basics of unconditional support - in duos, triads, and groups

  • Guide a variety of self-explorations

  • Co-create new somatic experiences in the water


The Experience

This course will take place on  85 acres of secluded land overlooking the ocean and filled with wild life, yet centrally located in the SF Bay Area.

  • Silent and peaceful location allowing deep retreat

  • Spacious body temperature water pool ideal for practice

  • Meals designed to optimize your water experience (3 per day; included in registration)

  • Immersive co-created experience in a cutting-edge aquatic modality

  • Community-building focused residency with like-minded aquatic peers

  • A unique and in-depth approach from a lead teacher summing 20+ years of practice and studies

The Venue

The Inner Sanctum is a Spiritual Temple, Warm Water Sanctuary and Community Gathering Space devoted to awakening and deepening connection with self, other and spirit through love, touch, music, dance and human connection. 

What is Aguahara?

More about this residency

This unique course develops itself, as it is designed as a process of investigation and discovery.  The starting point is always the self, and each individual’s connection to the water, and how to become an aquatic being.  It is a journey with many layers, as we will go into different spaces of aquatic experience, and use this to create an understanding of tools and forms, which then can be used to inspire new ideas for healing, play and connection. 


The lines between experiencing, learning and creating merge.  As a collective, we will create a map of the vast field of aquatic practices, crystalize tools and understand the importance of crafting new experiences each time we enter the water.  We will have labs to explore and “design“ new aquatic spaces.  The goal is for each participant to have a toolbox and plenty inspiration to bring more people and groups into the water.

Meet the facilitator

Portrait of Alex, founder of Aguahara, wearing a blue noseclip

Alexander Siebenstern

Alex is the founder and co-creator of Aguahara and an aquatic dancer, who regards Aguahara as a highly intense and profound experience interweaving which body-mind-spirit.  He strongly believes in the unknown aspects of water and in this element playing an essential role in our lives since we are mainly made of water.  Alex's research holds a strong intention of applying aquatic approaches and inspirations to life.  His path in life and in exploring energetics and embodiment continually leads him to delve deeper into aquatic consciousness.




Includes accommodation, food, and tuition

Sign up by 3/30 before prices go up.

Our intention is to make this training as inclusive and diverse as possible. Limited spots for partial scholarships & skill-based work-trade positions for those with marginalized identities and in financial hardship. To apply, click here.
Payment plans may also be available via PayPal's check out . Contact us for any other info.

Unable to join this time?

We will welcome the greater aquatic community to join us on April 13th, 20th, and 24th to experience the magic of water medicine.  We would love to have you over at the Inner Sanctum! Click here to stay tuned on this and other upcoming offerings!

This Residency is Perfect For Those Who Want To...

  • Develop group facilitation skills

  • Experience personal growth that comes from living & skill-sharing in community

  • Explore the infinite possibilities of healing and connection in warm water

  • Have a retreat-like experience with an intentional community 

  • Play with a creative group focused on water, expressive, & healing arts

  • Experience a deep sense of connection & community through communal living & group work

  • Explore the possibilities available by taking your practices to the water

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is included?
    For retreat-style residential trainings: tuition, food, and board. NOT INCLUDED: airfare and transportation to the venue. For non-residential local trainings: tuition only.
  • What if I just want to deepen my practice but not teach?
    This training’s main focus is to instruct you on how to build your personal practice, which once built and established can easily lead to great teaching. So if you are coming mostly to get your 200 hour certificate, please don't come. If you are on a personal quest to develop or give new meaning or depth to your personal practice, you will emerge from this training transformed and more embodied. From an authentic personal practice you will begin to naturally share and teach others if that is something you are seeking and wanting.
  • How to get there?
    Upon registration you will receive the address of our private studio where training will take place.
  • What is the weather like?
    Sonoma County has warm to hot days and chili evenings. We recommend that you bring layers to be able to easily adapt to erratic weather changes and temperature fluctuations.
  • Is there food nearby?
    Many options that are 5 to 10 minutes away. You can also bring your own food.

Still have a question?

Not a problem! Write it in the form below to get an answer. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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