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Head Massage


Revolutionize how you tend to body, mind, and spirit

March 2024


Online & in-person

Redefining lifestyle: self-care, self-discipline, self-love

During this 4-week program, you will cultivate health and embodiment with our weekly sessions, making potent and effective  changes to your routine. You will get individualized lifestyle coaching, practice nourishing breathing and movement techniques, with the add-on option to reset body & mind with Thai bodywork.

Spring Cohort - 2024

March 6 - 29

What you will learn

Lifestyle:  there is often a great deal of simplicity in genius. You will be either learning or reviewing foundational Ayurvedic tools that enhance your well-being, with support and accountability to apply them.

Breathwork & movement: you will learn and refine practices that regulate your nervous system and reset emotions and mind so that your prana or vitality can more freely flow within you.

Self-care: step into a sensory journey of healing touch, recognizing your tendencies to hold tension and finding effortless ways to release it and rewire them.

Embodied - Premium...

In-person  |  Limited spots  |  SF Bay Area only

  • Two 75-min Thai massage sessions

  • One individualized postural assessment & coaching session

  • One Ayurvedic lifestyle coaching session

Smiling Baby

... and be like

What to expect

  • A redefining of how you do self-care.

  • Cultivation of deeper and authentic relationship with your body and mind

  • Connection with a sprouting community of humans committed to self-care and embodiment.

  • Learning simple yet vitalizing practices that you can add to your routine.

  • Q&A's where you can expand your knowledge and gain deeper insight.

  • A balanced blend of brain-hacks and practical skill-building to apply to your life.

What you get

  • One video session per week taught by João

  • An effective self-care routine to keep practicing

  • Exclusive video and audio home practices

  • Breathwork practices to regulate your nervous system and build vitality (prana)

  • Lifestyle hacks from the Ayurvedic medical system to enhance your health & well-being

  • Self-massage techniques to recognize and release tension in your body & mind

  • Journaling & meditation prompts

  • Q&A to get individualized coaching

  • Connection with like-minded community

  • PREMIUM only:​
  • Two 75-min bodywork sessions

  • One individualized lifestyle coaching session

  • One postural assessment & coaching session

How do I know this is for me?

  • You are feeling overwhelmed and over-worked, in need of tools to recharge your batteries 

  • You are seeking practices that can help you move through physical and/or emotional pain

  • You just want to feel more comfort and ease in your body and mind

  • You need guidance and support to make lifestyle changes you know need to be done

  • You are ready to claim sovereignty over your health and wellness 

  • You are wanting to activate your embodied, attuned Self

  • Your intuition tells you some powerful transformation in mind and body is possible and waiting for you


***No one turned away for lack of funds***.

Contact us to get support via our work-trade and scholarships options

To donate to our scholarship fund:

Venmo @thatyogaguy or PayPal

It helps immensely those who can't afford the program

* This Premium pricing is for sessions in the Sonoma County office. For the Greater Bay Area, please consult traveling fees

Meet your host


João Paulo Pereira 

Founder of BASA Yoga

Self-love greetings. My 'first date' with healing practices was around age 10, when my mother introduced me to a Japanese energy healing practice called Johrei.  Still in my early teens, I took a NPL (Neuro-linguistic programming) course with the Silva Method.


It wasn't until decades later, with many years of yoga teaching, embodiment, and meditative practices under my belt, that I realized the connection between my life's path and those almost forgotten experiences of connecting with Spirit, channeling of healing energy, and smart regulation of the mind.

Today, in my mobility rehab & prehab practice, I combine the wisdom of Pilates & Yoga therapy to help folks understand pain as a compass to good health and overcome it. In my Thai massage, Tok Sen and water therapy (Aguahara) offerings, I humbly let my hands be guided by the union of intuition and bio-mechanic knowledge.

I invite you to join me in inhabit our temples.  The ones made of flesh, bone, and consciousness.  And I hope we are as kind to it as we are to our loved ones.  Kind enough to give ourselves the gift of healing touch. And take it on as a practice, a practice of self-love. This is my prayer for us.  Will you join me? 

Still have questions?

Email us: 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is included?
    For retreat-style residential trainings: tuition, food, and board. NOT INCLUDED: airfare and transportation to the venue. For non-residential local trainings: tuition only.
  • What if I just want to deepen my practice but not teach?
    This training’s main focus is to instruct you on how to build your personal practice, which once built and established can easily lead to great teaching. So if you are coming mostly to get your 200 hour certificate, please don't come. If you are on a personal quest to develop or give new meaning or depth to your personal practice, you will emerge from this training transformed and more embodied. From an authentic personal practice you will begin to naturally share and teach others if that is something you are seeking and wanting.
  • How to get there?
    Upon registration you will receive the address of our private studio where training will take place.
  • What is the weather like?
    Sonoma County has warm to hot days and chili evenings. We recommend that you bring layers to be able to easily adapt to erratic weather changes and temperature fluctuations.
  • Is there food nearby?
    Many options that are 5 to 10 minutes away. You can also bring your own food.
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