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Liquify Immersion

Experiencing embodiment, vulnerability, and play in warm water

Jun 17  |  10am-7pm  |  Oakland, CA


Three Sisters Temple Ohlone territory aka
- Oakland, CA -

What is Liquify?

An experience where you will embody an amalgam of formless art and movement practices. Brewing together different water modalities, somatics, and play, at Liquify authentic movement meets breathwork while weightless contact improv meets deep meditation. Stell Bahrami of RE-Kinnect/Liquid Presence and João Paulo Pereira of BASA yoga invite you for a whimsical experience of physical receptivity as you float and dive in a warm water womb-like space.


June 17, 2023
Day-long Immersion
10am - 7pm

The Liquify Immersion combines the themes of 3 water workshops previously led separately:

SENSORIA: Sensuous Liquid Journey 

METAMORFOSE: Land & Water Alchemy

REBOZO: Aquatic Womb Exploration

The Liquify Immersion is here to share

Vulnerability: via consent culture education, attunement to boundaries and consent, and self-responsibility, we aim for a space of co-created safety welcoming all bodies, shapes, skin colors, ages, creeds, abilities and skill levels.

Presence: our focus is on attunement, awareness, honesty and depth. We are here to meet any shadow and discomfort that may arise with love.

Authenticity: giving yourself the space to embody your most authentic expression of our movement and emotions. To soften into a space of platonic intimacy with others as it feels right for you.

What to expect

  • A sprouting community of humans who love water and embodiment, connection and play, attunement and vulnerability.

  • Liquify Teaser: a day full of fun, relaxation, and depth in the water. Liquify Immersion (dates to be announced): a weekend long deeper dive into all three themes: Sensoria, Metamorfose, and Rebozo.

  • A balanced blend of sharing/skill-building and a formless and expressive dance space

What you get

  • Cutting edge instruction on water techniques

  • An evening of practice & play each session

  • High quality land and water practices

  • Powerful nervous system regulation techniques

  • Boundary and consent work

  • Somatic communication tools

  • Breath work techniques

  • Take home exercises & PDF notes

  • Take home journaling prompts

  • Access to our water community on FB

  • Your own nose clip to take with you

  • Your own blind fold to take with you

  • Infra-red sauna wind-down

  • Grounding community meal

  • New aquatic friends

How do I know this is for me?

  • You are reading all this and feeling excited, ready to connect again in community 

  • You love somatic explorations and wish to take your movement practice to the next level

  • You are a dancer, mover, practitioner, yogi or are interested in new ways of being in your body

  • Expressing your 'yes' and 'no' is something you are comfortable with or want to strengthen

  • You want to evolve your dance by deepening your presence, and becoming more energetically attuned 

  • You are wanting to activate your embodied, playful Self

  • Your intuition tells you something powerful is possible and waiting for you, when aquatic beings gather with full permission to connect and share their magic


  • Meal provided: gluten-free & vegan Ayurvedic Kitchari. Feel free to bring snacks or your own meal

  • Hydration: bring your non-glass water container

  • To feel good in the water: eat lightly 1.5+ hours beforehand

  • Clothing: Swimsuits and land clothing required. Bring your towel and warm layers.

  • Showers: Available and required before entering the pool. Please wash off any lotions/cosmetics from skin

  • Footwear: flip flops available in different sizes & required to walk from showers to pool to keep pool clean

  • At this moment we will not be asking participants to test for covid but please be aware that this may change as we approach the date. Know that in signing up you agree to a potential testing requirement

Sliding-scale Admission

*Limited work exchange positions available for those in financial need, please inquire*

***All are welcome, we’re here to support you, work-trade and scholarships available***


***Space is very limited (12 persons max per event) so sign up in advance to secure your spot***


We also take Venmo @thatyogaguy or PayPal 

Meet your hosts


João Paulo Pereira 

Founder of BASA Yoga

My name is João and sharing my passion for aquatic dance and therapy is my favorite thing to do these days! I’ve always loved to be by and in the water, as well as all-things movement. I have been a student of somatic and spiritual practices since my late teenage years in Brazil, and facilitated movement, breathwork, meditation, and healing for over 20 years now.


I feel so very humbled and blessed to have deeply embodied the medicines of dance and water, where softness, presence, freedom, and play get to enchant and alchemize our beings. If you feel this calling, maybe you too belong to us merfolk! Well, then come listen to what the water wants to whisper in your heart…  


Stell Bahrami

Founder of RE-Kinnect & Liquid Presence

Lifelong student of Water, Stell Bahrami(They/Them) is the Founder of RE-Kinnect, Liquid Presence, and is an Erot!c Empowerment Coach. Their work focuses on connection, empowerment, authenticity, & embodiment to guide you into deeper connection with yourself & others in purpose, fulfillment, & meaning.  

With a wholistic and integrative approach, Stell enjoys working with modalities that incorporate presence, listening, embodiment, and authentic expression.  Whether it is helping you re-kinnect to your empowered Self, deepen in relation to others, build your inner-leader on horseback or community or liquify into presence in water, Stell is here to support you soften into your liquid nature, reignite your connection to Self, and act from your authentic empowerment.

Still have questions?

Email us: 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is included?
    For retreat-style residential trainings: tuition, food, and board. NOT INCLUDED: airfare and transportation to the venue. For non-residential local trainings: tuition only.
  • What if I just want to deepen my practice but not teach?
    This training’s main focus is to instruct you on how to build your personal practice, which once built and established can easily lead to great teaching. So if you are coming mostly to get your 200 hour certificate, please don't come. If you are on a personal quest to develop or give new meaning or depth to your personal practice, you will emerge from this training transformed and more embodied. From an authentic personal practice you will begin to naturally share and teach others if that is something you are seeking and wanting.
  • How to get there?
    Upon registration you will receive the address of our private studio where training will take place.
  • What is the weather like?
    Sonoma County has warm to hot days and chili evenings. We recommend that you bring layers to be able to easily adapt to erratic weather changes and temperature fluctuations.
  • Is there food nearby?
    Many options that are 5 to 10 minutes away. You can also bring your own food.
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